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Breathworkers Training
Call us for more information.
Training can be done on site or at
our scheduled locations.
Couples Workshops
Call us for more information.
Group Breathing Sessions

1st Tuesday of each month
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Course In Miracles Group

Tuesday evenings
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM
(except 1st Tuesday of the Month)

Providing Personal Development Trainings, Adventures and Breathwork for Individuals and Groups

Welcome To Our Site!

We offer an extensive range of personal development trainings for individuals and groups. Some of the benefits others have received are stress management for their well being, peace of mind and body, connection with community and tools for change. Come join us in a training that interests you.

  • Group adventures
  • Conscious, connected, circular Breathwork techniques for stress release and clarity
  • Relationships Training
  • Couples Workshops and Retreats
  • The Atlanta Breathworkers Training Program
  • Life Coaching – Individuals and Groups
  • Pre & Perinatal Psychology Education
  • Physical Rejuvenation Workshops
  • Inner Child Workshops
  • Humor Weekends
  • Boundaries education
  • Conflict resolution styles
  • Business development

Group adventures